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Our brand strategy

The brands of Weisse Arena Gruppe are synonymous with unforgettable holiday experiences and a special feel-good factor. Under the auspices of brands LAAX and Flims are an array of gastronomy and sport & entertainment brands offering guests everything for enjoyable holiday experiences in Flims Laax Falera.

Dual-brand strategy for the destination Flims Laax Falera

Weisse Arena Gruppe is using a dual-brand strategy to market the range of tourist facilities in Flims Laax Falera. Throughout the year, we are positioning the entire winter programme under brand LAAX, whilst brand Flims is synonymous with the summer programme of Flims Laax Falera. This strategy takes into account the tradition and history of the destination and uses authentic brand names having an association with the region.

The Flims Laax Falera destination originally evolved from summer tourism, with Flims and Caumasee at the heart. It was not until later that the region developed into a top winter destination with Laax and the Crap Sogn Gion forming the hub.
It must also be borne in mind that there are two different types of visitors to Flims Laax Falera in summer and winter. Surveys have shown that there is only a 3% overlap of summer and winter guests.

The dual-brand strategy applies at this point because the destination has two strengths - summer and winter. These are two different products with two different target groups with individual expectations and needs. The dual-brand strategy enables these needs to be met and two strong brands to be built up with one clear-cut profile.