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When it is about defending existing market share and conquering new markets, the key to success is always innovation. Weisse Arena Gruppe has attached major importance to innovative solutions from the very outset. We intentionally set ourselves ambitious targets because they should be challenging. Only real challenges motivate and drive us on to give our best.


Revolution on the mountain

Weisse Arena Gruppe places simplicity and quality of service for the guest at the heart of its activities. Weisse Arena Gruppe is rigorously continuing its strategy for the revolution on the mountain.


This is not just modernisation, it is also the new construction of five detachable 6-seater chairlifts and one detachable skilift. This large-scale project is backed by an investment of CHF 54m and is based on a master plan created for the long term. It is not only about increasing capacity. Investment on a large scale allows a new configuration targeted at the needs of our guests in the new markets. The routes are being optimised such that the unique breadth and expanse of the ski region can be opened up better still for the requirements of our guests.

Phase 1 - Construction of the 6seater chairlift Alp Dado - Crest la Siala
Summer 2011 saw work commence. The first phase includes completion of the Alp Dado – Crest la Siala 6-seater chairlift for operation in winter season 2011/12, and significant expansion of the artificial snow cannon capacity.

Phase 2 - Construction of the 6seater chairlifts Lavadinas and Treis Palas
In the second phase the lifts Treis Palas – Crap Masegn, Plaun Lavadinas – Fuorcla Sura (Alp Ruschein) have been completed.

Phase 3 - Construction of the pro kicker line in the Curnius snowpark
The LAAX ski resort made an early decision to focus its attention on freestyle, a position that has proved to be extremely successful. A total of four snowparks, a superpipe and a minipipe are maintained by a dedicated Snowpark Crew responsible for the planning, construction and daily reshaping of the facilities. As part of the revolution on the mountain, a new pro kicker line was built in the Curnius snowpark in 2013 and opened in December that year, thus providing both professional teams as well as the next generation of athletes with training facilities that are open from December each season and unparalleled in the rest of Europe. This commitment to quality has also impressed the organisers of major freestyle events. In 2014, the Burton European Open was held for the 10th time in LAAX, and in 2012, in a wide-ranging study conducted by Mountain Management, LAAX was recognised with the Best Ski Resort Award in the Fun & Snowboard Park category.

Phase 4 - Construction of the world’s largest permanently operated halfpipe
In the 2014/2015 season, LAAX will unveil the world’s largest permanently operated halfpipe. The halfpipe, now extended by 60 metres to 200 metres, is of Olympic standard, and with a height of 6.90 metres, is unique worldwide. The superpipe is situated in the heart of the ski resort in the NoName snowpark and is open throughout the entire season from December to April. A special feature of the new facility is that it will be open to all guests of the ski resort and not only to professional athletes . This new superpipe is the next logical step for the resort and a further demonstration of LAAX’s claim to be the leading freestyle destination in Europe. Thanks to the infrastructural development and the early start to the season, LAAX is perfectly positioned to offer national and international associations an outstanding training environment – with facilities of Olympic standard. Following the extension of the halfpipe, LAAX has now been chosen as the national freestyle training base of the Swiss-Ski association.

The new connection Alp Sogn Martin – Plaun Rudien – La Siala is planned to operate in winter 2015/16.