Inhaltsseite - Weisse Arena Gruppe


Shares in Weisse Arena AG are quoted on the minor exchange under securities number 004179. The share capital totals CHF 5.5 millions and is divided into 550'000 registered shares each with a nominal value of CHF 10.-.

Each share means entitlement to one vote. Voting rights can only be exercised once the shareholder has been entered as having voting rights in the share register of Weisse Arena AG. The management board can refuse entry into the share register of a shareholder having voting rights.

Stock price

31st December 2015 CHF 110.-/share
31st December 2014 CHF 120.-/Share
31st December 2013 CHF 115.-/share
31st December 2012 CHF 105.-/share
31st December 2011 CHF 105.-/share
31st December 2010 CHF 110.-/share
31st December 2009 CHF 100.-/share
31st December 2008 CHF 91.-/share
31st December 2007 CHF 88.-/share