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Greenstyle slope machines

235 kilometres of slopes are groomed perfectly every day by the fleet of slope machines in readiness for the next day's skiing. The Weisse Arena Group invests in efficient technologies to offer the best slope quality and to reduce emissions from the slope machines. In addition to complying with statutory regulations for exhaust emissions, all slope machines are further equipped with particulate filters. New machines conform to the Euro 5 standard which enters into force in 2015 and hybrid drives will be promoted in the future.

Eco clothing

The Greenstyle Guide extends through many areas of the Weisse Arena Group from head to toe. This includes the clothing of service personnel, as well as merchandising products. The Swiss company Switcher pursues ethical, social and environmentally friendly principles and is therefore the perfect partner for the Weisse Arena Group when it comes to clothing.

New chairlifts in Greenstyle

Forming part of the construction measures for the new cable car facilities – which included modern equipment, child-oriented boarding and transportation – special focus was also given to environmentally sound and sustainable construction: 100% untreated wood from the Grisons, construction of solar power systems, economical direct drives, use of heat recovery and electricity from hydropower stations in the Grisons.

Alp Dado

The new 6-seater Alp Dado chairlift is the one of the fastest facilities in the Alpine region at 6 m/s. The wood used for the stations is sourced entirely from the region. Our own photovoltaic system covers the power needs required for heating the seats.

More information about the project Alp Dado


Recycling saves energy, protects natural resources and reduces waste disposal costs. This is why the disposal infrastructure in the resort has been further expanded. Guests as well as staff of the Weisse Arena Group can dispose of their waste in a simple and environmentally friendly manner and at the same time help the environment.

More information about the recycling project

Water saving measures

Thanks to numerous natural sources, we are in the happy position of having ample supplies of such a valuable resource as water in our region. Nevertheless, the preparation of hot water consumes a large amount of energy. The Weisse Arena Group has reduced water consumption significantly by introducing innovative and simple water saving measures.

More information about the water saving measures


LED is one of the easiest ways of saving energy. Although fairly expensive to invest in, it is long-lasting. The low energy consumption means that the additional costs are covered after a few years.  LED enables us not just to save energy but to protect the environment.

More information about LED in the Weisse Arena Gruppe

Wind power farms

The Weisse Arena Gruppe has the objective of promoting renewable energies. Apart from generating electricity from water and the sun, we see great potential in wind power. The first feasibility studies have confirmed this potential.